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Yuko Nagayama Works Spontaneous

By Yuko Nagayama


Published by: Geijutsu Shimbun 

AB size horizontal average 128 pages List price: 3,000 yen + tax Publication: September 25, 2020

We have released the 4th DVD that demonstrates watercolor painting. For more details, please see the website of Mr. Watercolordo. >>>


Transparent Watercolor III "Eating Water"

By Yuko Nagayama

Published by: Graphic Co., Ltd. October new issue

B5 144 pages All color List price: 2,800 yen + tax

In the essay, I talked about the production scene, but finally the second DVD "Drawing Fruits and Hydrangea" was born.

My advice and notes are in the right place. It seems that you are full of confidence when you write ← ...
In fact, I forget the explanation and draw by my side, and the producer Kasai always answers me at a really good timing, such as "What should I be careful about now?" Or "Can I paint the shadow with one color?" I let you.

So I wasn't talking spontaneously, I was just drawing while answering the right questions!
While answering, I noticed my mistake ... Sometimes it was dangerous.
It is said that Mr. Kasai's voice was included in the first volume, but this time it disappeared cleanly (laughs), so I'm just talking about it, but that's right, I just answered the question. As expected, a producer!


Click here for the production diary by the DVD production staff >>


Yuko Nagayama's transparent watercolor

Watercolor Masterpieces: Works of Yuko Nagayama

By Yuko Nagayama

Published by: Graphic Co., Ltd. September new issue

This DVD contains my watercolor production process, produced by Kazuo Kasai, a senior at Tokyo University of the Arts.

The staff is a member of reggae music production, so let's go comfortably and comfortably! I was able to relax and draw with the slogan. When it comes to watercolor painting, I'm completely self-taught, so it's often said that the use of paint and water is unique. The title of the DVD was embarrassing, and I kept declining, but when I realized that "Is that so? My way of drawing is a little strange ...", I had to accept "Nagayama style". But honestly, it's still embarrassing.


The serialization of "Enjoy DVD ten times" by producer Kazuo Kasai has started on the Watercolor Hall website. Am I intuition? It is often drawn with, and lacks the ability to explain technical support in words. When I read Mr. Kasai's commentary, I often noticed, "What was that ?!" While drawing by myself ... (laughs) Please take a look when you have time. "

>> Enjoy "Nagayama style watercolor painting method" 10 times! Vol.1


Yuko Nagayama's transparent watercolor flowers and containers
Postcard book

By Yuko Nagayama

Published by: Graphic


Previously, when I was drawing a longleaf pine in my atelier, an acquaintance brought me to introduce a brush craftsman.
On that day, I wanted to draw as many pine needles as possible, and when I talked to people, I lacked concentration, so it's a rude story, but I didn't really want to meet anyone.
And although I greeted the young brush craftsman, I wanted to draw quickly.
"I'm sorry to be cheeky, I'm grateful for the opportunity to get various brushes, but I still use only the brushes I like. For example, for the current Daiomatsu, this and this are enough! I grabbed the two brushes I was using and pushed them out in front of Dung and them.

One is my watercolor brush that I produced before, and the other is my favorite small brush that allows me to draw long thin lines with one brush.

Then the brushmaker walked up to me and said happily, "Oh ... this thin brush was made by my father!", And I was surprised.

"Well, then, this brush? This continuous brush?"
"Yes, oh, that's all. I made this too."

A few years later, with the cooperation of the craftsmen and Maruzen Art, we have decided to produce a new series of brushstrokes.

It's a brush, not a brush.
Originally a Japanese painting brush, you can paint a large area, and if you use the brush vertically, you can draw with a single fineness. It doesn't sway like a brush, and the tips of the hair move according to the stroke you want to draw.
There are several good quality brushes in a row, so it's expensive ... (´θ`llll)

[Nagayama style watercolor brush]
Triple brush , five brush , seven brush

[Nagayama style watercolor brush (with paulownia box)]
Triple brush , five brush , seven brush , paulownia box only


It is also available at each art supply store.
Inquiries Maruzen Art Trading Co. , Ltd. Tel: 03-3788-4800

New Nagayama Brush, RENPITSU is just released now.
The RENPITSU --continuous brush is controlled easily to paint curve line which is difficult to express with a flat brush because each brushes move freely.
This is a masterpiece as Nagayama style
If you are interested in purchasing the brush, please click the following URL.

3 brushes
  ,,  5 brushes  ,,  7 brushes 

Also we offer her brush with a wooden box
YUKO NAGAYAMA RENPITSU (Continuous writing --CONTINUOUS BRUSH) with a wooden box
3 brushes
  ,,  5 brushes  ,,  7 brushes 
Wooden box only

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