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永山裕子画集 『Flowers』









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Yuko Nagayama Works Spontaneous

By Yuko Nagayama


Published: Geijutsu Shimbun 

AB size horizontal 128 pages

List price: 3,300 yen

Publication: September 25, 2020


Transparent watercolor technique procedure

By Yuko Nagayama

Published: Graphic Co., Ltd. November new issue

B5 variant 112 pages All color 

price: 2,860 yen


Transparent Watercolor III "Breathe in the Water"

By Yuko Nagayama

Published: Graphic Co., Ltd. October new issue

B5 144 pages All color 

price: 3,080 yen


Watercolor Masterpieces: Works of Yuko Nagayama

By Yuko Nagayama

Published: Graphic Co., Ltd. September new issue


Watercolor by Yuko Nagayama Vessel and Flowers
Postcard art book

By Yuko Nagayama

Published: Graphic Co., Ltd.


Let's enjoy more transparent watercolor

-12 lessons that make you want to draw-

By Yuko Nagayama


Published: Graphic Co., Ltd.


Let's start transparent watercolor again.
-Basic 12 lessons-

By Yuko Nagayama


Published: Graphic Co., Ltd.


Transparent Watercolor II Infinite

By Yuko Nagayama


Published by: Graphic Co., Ltd.

Transparent Watercolor II is now on sale.

The book has lots of works that show landscape of Tokyo and Kyoto and things what I want to draw.
I hope you can see it at the bookstore.


Watercolor Basics from Sketch Perspective

By Yuko Nagayama

Published June 2009: Graphic Co., Ltd.

Introducing a new book. 

At this time, I tried to summarize how to see and understand the shape. Actually, although it is called a class of watercolor painting, I mainly teach "how to see and understand basic shapes" rather than "how to paint colors". That said, the technique books that have been published so far have focused on how to use paints such as colors and expressions. It's a fine because the books are all about watercolor technique.

"Truly, it's a color based on a shape. Even if you can imitate the color, you can't imitate the shape without drawing skill. The only way to do it is to acquire drawing skill by yourself." I'm telling you and myself.

Therefore, this new book was made by consulting with my longtime editorial partner, Mari Nagai, "I want to make a textbook that I can actually use in my class, and I want to summarize the basic things that I always explain on the blackboard." .

It is cheeky, but when someone say "Tell me how to draw roses" or "Tell me how to draw lilies", I just answer "I can teach you how to see and understand roses". By just telling the ways of color and technique to draw the rose and lily, the two flowers can be drawn, but the other flowers cannot be drawn because they have not learned. What is important is a "basic way of view". If you get it, you will be able to draw any flowers or still life freely.

So, I wrote this book based on the theme how to draw a draft of water color with pencil, the way to take a shape and color. It explains one by one with familiar motifs that are often taken up in watercolor themes.


Drawing process

Please see the process that was cut due to space limitations.


Transparent watercolor

Published December 2007

Along with Gallery Tonichi's solo exhibition, we publish a collection of works with a simple title called "Transparent Watercolor". There are some technical details, but most of them consist of watercolor paintings drawn within the last four years and photographs of the production site such as studios and motifs.

published: Graphic Co., Ltd.


Naked Darsin

I went to Wales with CW Nicol on New Year's Day. While strolling through old castles, forests and markets, I wanted to use these colors.

The original is by CW Nicol, "Naked Darsin" published by Shogakukan. It's for elementary school, but it's a really good story. It's better to read this book than to talk about the relationship with nature many times.

(Lab Publishing)

Click here to watch a part of the picture book and audio


Transparent watercolor I see lesson
How to make use of water and bleeding taught by professionals

New issue in May 2006

I thought it would be a hint to "draw the background". In the classroom, I often hear the words, "I can't decide the color of the back. I'm lost until the end." 

I'm the exact opposite. Start by drawing an image of your work in your head. "Finishing that image in as little as one stroke" -this is the "decision" that I value most when drawing transparent watercolors. The fact that there are few strokes does not mean that you draw lightly and lightly, but that you always concentrate on choosing the best move, like shogi.

However, in reality, I left a useless brush and regretted that "I should have had a better hand." And it is also true that we often learn from waste.




Solo exhibition in Switzerland and France, catalog by French designer.

Size 32x20.2cm

sold out



"Gallery style" editing in Osaka

Size 25.7x18.3cm

sold out


The one and only earth

It is a picture book (with lyrics by Gengo) that you can enjoy with a CD containing children's songs, work songs, Christmas songs, gospel, Korean songs, etc. that have been sung all over the world, mainly in English-speaking countries.
The original song "The One And Only Earth", which became the title, is a wonderful song composed by Kazufumi Miyazawa, the vocalist of THE BOOM.

(Lab Publishing)


Basics of painting To those who start pencil drawing

"The basics of drawing" is really awkward, but I thought it would be great if I could introduce what I had learned and gained from my teacher. In particular, I am deeply grateful to Yasuhiro Sakashima, Kyosuke Chinai, and both teachers for teaching me the joy of drawing and the rigor of the basics during my third year of high school.
What color do you like best? When asked, I answered "silver". Sky silver. Water silver. Pencil silver.



Introduction to watercolor Drawing with transparency

Under the theme of "The trick is to use water boldly", I always use a lot of photographs to explain the procedure and technique when drawing watercolors, so that even beginners can understand it carefully. ..
I think the feature of this book for the first time is the way of drawing watercolor, which is said to "use a lot of water to my surprise". Please take a look.


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